Friday, March 23, 2012

Recent Vintage Finds

Faux fur collar. I believe this was taken off from a jacket. I'm very into fury stuff these days. Although spring is getting closer, I like to add fury stuff into my outfit as an accessory. It just gives an extraordinary look rather than just a plain white top, this could add a little bit more flavor. Also I love the fact that it's grey, because I have a lot of camel faux fur collars already.

Another little cute polka-dot cropped tube that I found. I couldn't get over how adorable this is. I'm not really a fond of polka-dots but my affinity for this one made me buy it without a second thought.

The photo above is actually a bodysuit. I see myself wearing this as a top, pairing it up with high-waisted bottoms. This would look really cute with a high-waisted denim short shorts in the summer! ♥
 Detailed Pearl Vest. I like how this vest has no other color, otherwise, I wouldn't buy it. I don't have too much to say on this one but I just really like it! :)
I am absolutely in love with this clutch. I think this will be my new favorite. I am more into clutches than totes, handbags, satchels, you name it.. I love how its tiny and can tuck it under my arm. I seriously don't know how someone would just give this one away. But nevertheless, I'm the lucky one for picking this one up.

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