Wednesday, July 11, 2012

First Day of UO Granville

It was my first day working at the UO Granville store. I was transferred from the newest location in Vancouver, which is in Kitsilano. I really miss the environment in Kits already. :( Anyway, these photos were taken by Ben- a blogger who focuses on fashion in Vancouver. Visit his blog -


Sunday, June 24, 2012

Leather and Snakeprint

What a lovely Sunday! I have been waiting for this sunshine since last week. Though there was sunshine on the first day of summer, it got pretty nasty the following days. What else is new, right Vancouver? So, I really took time to take photos today because who knows, the sun might run away by tomorrow.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

French Macarons

Today, I had one of the most anticipated dessert/sweets I have been longing for! It's the french macarons! I've been seeing photos of them on Instagram, from bloggers and other sites and it got me very intrigued by their eye-catching colors. I was very happy to finally have some but I figured that it's not something I would be obsessing with since I am not really into sweets. I do crave them for some time and maybe I'll be having them again soon.


Friday, March 23, 2012

DIY Spiked Studded Detail

Here are the tools I used in this DIY project: stud punch, studs, screw. You can get these at Tandy Leather and I can assure you, they have literally everything if you're looking for any goth related materials.
Punching your leather jacket is fairly easy. When you buy your stud punch, it will consists of instructions along with the stud punch itself. After making a hole, you are ready to insert the screws between the material. Make sure that the stud punch you are buying are quite smaller than the size of the screw.
Gently twist the studs and tighten with the screw. Tada! You now have a "Burberry Inspired" leather jacket. :)

Recent Vintage Finds

Faux fur collar. I believe this was taken off from a jacket. I'm very into fury stuff these days. Although spring is getting closer, I like to add fury stuff into my outfit as an accessory. It just gives an extraordinary look rather than just a plain white top, this could add a little bit more flavor. Also I love the fact that it's grey, because I have a lot of camel faux fur collars already.

Another little cute polka-dot cropped tube that I found. I couldn't get over how adorable this is. I'm not really a fond of polka-dots but my affinity for this one made me buy it without a second thought.

The photo above is actually a bodysuit. I see myself wearing this as a top, pairing it up with high-waisted bottoms. This would look really cute with a high-waisted denim short shorts in the summer! ♥
 Detailed Pearl Vest. I like how this vest has no other color, otherwise, I wouldn't buy it. I don't have too much to say on this one but I just really like it! :)
I am absolutely in love with this clutch. I think this will be my new favorite. I am more into clutches than totes, handbags, satchels, you name it.. I love how its tiny and can tuck it under my arm. I seriously don't know how someone would just give this one away. But nevertheless, I'm the lucky one for picking this one up.